United States Naval Ship Montford Point (T-ESD-1)

The Navy christened the USNS Montford Point, the first mobile landing platform in a series of three being built by General Dynamics NASSCO, at the shipyard in San Diego, Calif., March 2, adding new jobs for the membership of American Maritime Officers. Ocean

SHIELD: Red and gold are the colors associated with the United States Marine Corps. The pile raguly has seven notches for the seven years that the first African-American recruits were trained at Montford Point (1942-1949) and is colored black to symbolize the determination of the recruits to serve their country. The eagle, globe and anchor emblem is the original design used during World War II. The three bendlets honor Gilbert “Hashmark” Johnson, an exceptional recruit who served in three services during his military career (Army, Navy, Marine Corps) and are colored gold to denote wisdom. The red shield represents the Montford Point Marine Association, a group established to perpetuate the legacy of the first African-Americans who entered the Marine Corps.


CREST: The USNS MONTFORD POINT will be a work horse at sea and is represented by a sea stallion.

The shield hanging around his neck is colored black and red like the ship herself, and the white label denotes that this is the first ship in the MLP class. The label also represents MONTFORD POINT’s function as a “pier at sea.” The trident is a symbol of authority and mastery at sea and is colored silver to symbolize excellence.


MOTTO: Red is the color signifying strength and boldness, reflective of the motto, “STRENGTH SOLIDARITY SACRIFICE.”


SUPPORTERS: The crossed swords honor those enlisted Marines who trained at Montford Point. SEAL: The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white oval field within a dark blue designation band, edged gold chain border and bearing the name “USNS MONTFORD POINT” at top and “MLP 1” at base.

USNS Montford Point (T-ESD-1), (formerly T-MLP-1), the lead ship of her class of Expeditionary Transfer Docks (ESD), is a ship named in honor of African American Marine Corps recruits who trained at Montford Point Camp, North Carolina, from 1942 to 1949.

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