Hall of Fame

The Montford Point Marines Hall of Fame Award honors members who have provided outstanding service to the organization. All of them supported and advanced NMPMA by dedicating their time and energy to the Montford Point Marine Association. We honor these recipients of the Hall of Fame Award for their motivation, dedication in preserving and promoting the legacy of the Montford Point Marines.

Mr. Eugene Groves

Sylvester Howard

Richard Walker

Vaughn M. Whitworth




To be announced at Convention in Jacksonville, NC






To be announced at convention in Charlotte, NC




Mr. Philip Herout









Ambassadore Theodore R. Britton
Mr. Melvin O. Chestnutn (Posthumously)








Mr. James Carr
Mr. Houston T. Shinal
Mr. Lee Douglas, Jr.

CWO5 James T. Averhart, Jr.
Mr. John W. Jones, Jr.
LtGen Ronald L. Bailey
Mr. Clarence Davis
Mr. Francis M. Hooper, Jr


Mr. Aaron Cunningham (Posthumously) (PNP)
Mr. Luthan T. Dixon (Posthumously)
Mr. William Hill (Posthumously)
Mr. Sterling E. Gilliam (Posthumously)
Ms. Regina B. Lawrence
Mr. Michael L. Johnson
Mr. Noddie L. (Duke) Gayles
Mr. James Edward Stewart Jr.



Gen. James F. Amos
(35th Commandant of the Marine Corps)
Sen. Kay Hagan
Hon. Corrine Brown
Hon. Anthony C. Hill
Mr. James “Rudy” Carter 1stSgt USMC (OMPM)
Mr. George Kidd 1stSgt USMC (OMPM)
Mr. Eddie Q. Hicks Captain (OMPM)
Mr. Paul Hagan Sgt (OMPM)


Mr. Finney Greggs
Montford Point Museum Director
Mr. Anthony “Tony” Chestang
Regional VP & Chapter President

Montford Point








Mrs. Alexandria Johnson

LtGen Ronald S. Coleman (Citation)
Mr. John O. Tilghman
Mr. Charles Stallard
Mr. Augustus (Gus) Willis (posthumously)

MajGen Walter E. Gaskin

(LtGen) (Citation)
Mr. William E. Washington (Posthumously)


Mr. Louis Gossett, Jr (Eracism Foundation)

Mr. David Fortune
Mr. Gilbert T. Taylor
Mr. Jessie Hampton
Mr. George Herring
Rev. Steven King (
Mr. Clarence Broussard Sr



Mr. Robert D. Reid                                 
Mr. Nathaniel R. Hosea                          
Mr. Joseph H. Geeter III (PNP)
Mr. Berthond Benson Potts (Posthumously)
Mr. David C. Jackson (Posthumously)

Mr.Aaron German(Posthumously)






Lt.Col Joseph Carpenter
Mr. Joseph Davis
Mr. Wendel R. Ferguson
Mr. Harry Hamilton
Mr. Norman Payne
SgtMaj. Johnny C. Washington
Mr. John Vanoy
Mr. John T. Covington (Posthumously)

O’ther Givens (Posthumously)


Mr. John “Zeke” Clouser
Mr. James Jackson
Mr. Kenneth Rollock
Mr. George Taylor
Mr. Herman Darden (Posthumously)
Mr. John Warner Hagan, Jr. (Posthumously)





Mr. Thomas Cork, Sr.
Cpl Averitte W. Corley
Mr. Albert “Carl” Jackson
SgtMaj Nathaniel W. James, Jr. (PNP)
Mr. Raymond Murry
Sgt Lancaster W. Price

Mrs. Famie Roundtree
SSgt LaSalle R. Vaughn



Mr. James A Fairfax
1stSgt. Barnett Person

MajGen. Charles Bolden
Capt (USN) Thomas McPhatter, D.D
Mr. James E. Stewart (Posthumously)
SgtMaj Ralph G. Balara (Posthumously)


MajGen Leo V. Williams
Reverend Norflette Mersier
Mr. Robert C. Garnett
LtCol Eric M. Lindsay

Mr. Jerome Milburn (PNP)



LtCol Demetrius Bellizaire

Mr. Leo Taylor
Mr. William J. Foreman Sr.
Mr. McFall C. Gourdine (Posthumously)




Mr. Henery H. Anderson
MSgt Alvin H. Banker
MajGen Charlie Bolden

Capt. Frederich C Branch
Mr. Jimmy Carter
Mr. Alexander Chappell
MajGen J. Gary Cooper
Mr. Richard Dalton
Mr. Leroy A Dandridge

Col Fred Davidson III
Mr. Arthur F. Earley
Mr. James A France

MGySgt Brooks Gray
CWO. Annie Grimes
SgtMaj Edgar R. Huff
SgtMaj Gilbert H. Johnson
Mr. James E. Johnson
Mr. Cecil B. Moore
LtGen Frank E. Petersen
SSgt. L. Steven Robinson
SgtMaj Louis Roundtree
Col Samuel A. Woods, Jr.
Mr.  Norman Triplet
Capt Bobby Troup

Mr. Henry Baul
Mr. Raymond Davis

Mr. David Dinkins
Cpl Gene Doughty (PNP)
Cpl James A. Edwards
1stSgt Jack McDowell
GySgt Ruben McNair
SgtMaj Agrippa W. Smith

MajGen. Clifford L. Stanley
Mr. John Green (Posthumously)
Mr. James Hart (Posthumously)
Mr. Garfield James (Posthumously)
Mr. Albert Powers (Posthumously)
Mr. Norman Sneed (Posthumously)
Ms. Wanda Welch (Posthumously)










Col Gilda Jackson
Mr. Mortimer A Cox
MGySgt Herman Rhett (PNP)
SgtMaj James McCargo
Capt Samuel Saxton (PNP)
Mr Joe Meyers
Ms. Helen Peters
MSgt Russell W. Curtis (Posthumously)
Sgt Rodney M. Davis (Posthumously)
PFC Oscar P Austin (Posthumously)
PFC Robert H. Jenkins (Posthumously)
PFC Ralph H. Johnson (Posthumously)
PFC James A Anderson (Posthumously)













Published on Sep 9, 2012

The Original Montford Point Marines, the corps' first black unit formed in 1942 during World War II, are honored with the Congressional Gold Medal on June 27, 2012 at the United States Capitol. Brief speeches by several members of Congress are included.

The Congressional Gold Medal is awarded by Congress and is the highest civilian award in the nation. The award comes more than seven decades after the Montford Point Marines broke the military's last color barrier . . . with approximately 20,000 trained at Montford Point, NC from 1942 to 1949.

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